Month 4 – Sunday

Something is clicking between my understanding of the physical practice and the other Raja limbs. It is always stressed that yoga should not be physically uncomfortable but that in other areas of practice we must lean into our discomfort.

I personally rely heavily on analogies. Analogies work for me because in our greater oneness with everything we start to have clarity on how everything is all one Thing. We aren’t “like” the tree – we are the “tree”. As I’ve shed the “realities” that made up the foundation in my youth I’ve looked for truths through the relationships between things, through analogies.

So how can “discomfort” be viewed so differently depending on the limb of Raja practice? I think it has something to do with safety versus discomfort. We should never be physically unsafe – with our bones, our joints. But we make space for heat in our muscles – for some physical growing edge discomfort. But we must be discerning and accountable.

This is me practicing in my head. What does it make me feel? I can feel my head and body becoming closer aligned. This intellectual understanding will creep into my body, will soak into my heart.

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