if racism is a mental illness like Sheba said then you could say i have a comorbidity. do you have people that come here and really you think they're here because of internalized racial inferiority? i asked my therapist during the first training. or superiority? i said real fast. both, she said.

why does it matter what happened? my mom said in the car. everybody's dead. she was upset so i stayed quiet and we sat like that for a minute. family history and geneology stuff is interesting but sometimes i think it's better not to do it because it can bring up secrets that are best…Read more

someone who was also at the last undoing racism training showed up at the nursing home where i work and i walked right past her with a dinner tray for her roommate. hey girl! she said when i was on my way out.  you look good! i was so shocked i had to duck out…Read more

white jews are imposters, my coworker told me when i was 20. he showed me the star of david he wore around his neck. real jews are black, he said. you can look it up in the bible. we came from the line of jacob.  esau came out red and hairy, you know how some white…Read more