May Day 3

While I was not able to be present, I worked on bringing my practice home with me, sharing it with my family an taught my first 5 minutes.  Leading my mother through a short series of postures, I realized the challenge in teaching, in communicating what it is you want someone else to consider doing,…Read more May Day 3

May Day 2

Today brought up a moment for me, a moment to consider what internalized racial inferiority exists, how automatic some reactions are to protect, how not in my business it is to be overly worried or concerned about others reactions.  It made me nervous for and  excited for what the next month would bring with the…Read more May Day 2

May Day 1

As prior I came into this space excited to see everyone and looking forward to the work we were to do.  I realized as we reflected on the 8 limbs how that was already working into my life.  I also realized how challenging it is at times to bring words to the forefront to speak…Read more May Day 1


I am reminded today how special this whole process is, I felt truly excited to see everyone again today and at the same time reminded that I don't need to wait once a month to connect and would like to connect with my sisters outside of this space as well. Feeling ready for the delicious…Read more Undoing