Quietness in my Spirit

Today is Saturday,9/22 Summer will be officially over tonight at 9:54 pm.. Sitting in class present but not connected. Thinking not ready or prepared. Quietness in me. Felicia felt the spirited of fear. Get over it. Practice, Pratice.and teach and obeserve. Remember to teach from what you know Yoga is breathe



Beautiful Women, I'm just blessed to be in the circle. Growth , strength, faith, joy,fear, behind , enough , vision, love , I see each ones ambience of change. Cause growth came from a place of pain we alouded ourselves to be disobedient and learning the importance oc modification which resulted itself into self care..From… Continue reading 108


9 dots

Saturday Morning, Draw nine dots on a page three in each column. Directions. Connect all the dots with out lifting your pen. One try it didn't work second try it didn't work . Third try it didn't work.. Questioning my own intelligence but not giving up around the fifth time. Realizing I was confident but… Continue reading 9 dots


Self reflections

?Be confident in your confusion Selected faith practice. Your faith base system no matter what it is?????? Understanding RAJA YOGA'S 8-LIMBS Postures, Breathing Techniques, Behavioral Restraints, Behavioral Observances, Sensory Withdrawal, Concentration, Meditation and Self-Realization will be practiced throughout the training with an acute awareness of how these practices relate to our own self-awareness, self-care and… Continue reading Self reflections