july 2017

Influenced by our conversation with Becca, who I appreciated being a part of our training. ~~~ How has whiteness imposed itself on my humanity? How are whiteness and mental illness connected? ~~~ I am learning about the why’s and how's behind my choices the space that contains knowing better and remaining stagnant the mental split the…Read more july 2017

April 21 2017

tonight we were introduced to chair yoga. I appreciated experiencing and learning a chair yoga sequence - and touching upon the connection between yoga and mental health. two of the most helpful pieces of advice that were shared were, "think about the words that characterize the essence of what you're doing," and, if a student cannot access a certain posture,…Read more April 21 2017

connection + navigating self

What are the intersections of social justice and yoga? -Learning how to navigate ourselves, understanding the areas of our own ignorance that block us from connecting to ourselves, to others, to our environments. Therein lies our answers - how our internal worlds reflect our external and vice versa