Guest Yoga Teacher, Joanne, Sits Us Down

Spring awakening is under way.  While Felicia continues her training in NYC, we, her students, learn from each other and from guest yoga instructors.  Joanne Spence teaches us 10 Reasons to Do Chair Yoga: The chair yoga instruction with Joanne was the perfect session for me at 6:30pm on a Friday after a long…Read more Guest Yoga Teacher, Joanne, Sits Us Down

Sunday Stirrings

The day was full of peace, fellowship, and difficult conversations.  The group began the day with a sunshine-filled walk to Felicia's restorative yoga class at the Ace Hotel and back. After we returned from class and lunch, the class gathered around the projection screen to review two videos on racial justice from: Jacquline Battalore, Birth of a…Read more Sunday Stirrings