how important that was!  spending time with each other.  listening with intention.  receiving with pleasure.  giving the time to each one of us. i’m touched by the personal stories people chose to share.  and the importance attributed to these connections thank you everyone.

white america

just elected donald trump.  i’m really feeling the feelings.  the legacy of the whiteness that was created to protect me.  to lift me up.  to hold others down.  using this legacy to undo the advantaged i have and the legalization of racial injustices is crucial to me.  it’s numbing that others that look like me…Read more white america


slowly, with intention, rubbing the peppermint oil between my hands, felicia encourages us to slow down, to be with the oil, to remember what we are doing, why we are doing it, and then allow ourselves to experience the moment with that intention.  as i breathe in the oil, my back straightens, my spine elongates,…Read more peppermint