Month 7, Day 1

Race is a social construct. Scientists complete studies within their social constructs. But just because race is a social construct doesn't make it unreal. It just isn't real in a biological sense. And when scientists set out to prove it's existence they of course do so because of their social bias. The social construct of…Read more Month 7, Day 1

Month 6, Day 3

Yoga is not about knowing. It's okay for students to not know. We need to accept that even as teachers, there will be things that we don't know. None of us are perfect, teachers or students. That's what we all have in common. That's what we're here to work on.

Month 5, Day 2

Thoughts from readings and interpretations of The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: “Truth is one, paths are’s all your divine expression.” Having just come back from a ten day meditation retreat, I’ve been thinking a lot about learning to accept my meditation process and progress. My teachers say that whatever your experience, it’s “neither good…Read more Month 5, Day 2