2.5 months out, I am now In a biracial relationship, and willing to admit it's connotations, willing to talk with my partner about race, willing to disagree with love, willing to be honest, willing to try. It is a true practice of love and finding humanity with reciprocation. For the first time I am in…Read more Now

Month 8, Day 2

The discussion of ableist language and slurs made me question my everyday language. Sometimes, when I make a mistake, I say "I hate myself." It's mostly when I'm embarrassed, and somehow it feels like I'm admitting to being embarrassed and warding it off by saying "I hate myself" before anyone else can say anything to…Read more Month 8, Day 2

Month 7, Day 3

When you steal something, what does restoration look like? When you borrow something, how do you do so ethically? When I teach, I forget to address the origins of yoga until I say "namaste is an East Indian Sanskrit term..." I often forget to give credit my teacher. Why is it so hard to admit…Read more Month 7, Day 3

Month 7, Day 1

Race is a social construct. Scientists complete studies within their social constructs. But just because race is a social construct doesn't make it unreal. It just isn't real in a biological sense. And when scientists set out to prove it's existence they of course do so because of their social bias. The social construct of…Read more Month 7, Day 1

Month 6, Day 3

Yoga is not about knowing. It's okay for students to not know. We need to accept that even as teachers, there will be things that we don't know. None of us are perfect, teachers or students. That's what we all have in common. That's what we're here to work on.