Day 3

Inhale. Exhale - fully and completely. This day and this process are intense. Yes, I am learning how to ultimately teach yoga, but this is healing work at the core. Looking into self in tandem with others is a lot for me, a highly sensitive and empathetic soul. We're unpacking a lot of trauma, assuaging…Read more Day 3

Day 2

Today was a long day, and its not over yet. Gotta build my endurance. the work is real and this is the space and time to do a lot of it. undoing racism brings a lot of questions and confusion, but i gotta be real when i reflect on its impact on my life. how…Read more Day 2

Day 1

Day 1: New beginnings. The familiar discomfort with a new situation, i felt it. The personality tests say that i skirt the line between introvert and extravert, but yesterday i felt more on the quiet side. Not totally sure why. Partly the other 20-some folks in the room, i felt to make space for us…Read more Day 1