I had been going through the motions of the day. Filling my requirements & being present physically, but not so much mentally. When it was time for me to talk all I could think about was Frustration, which lead to sadness and crying. I released everything that had been on my heart after our first…Read more Friday’s

Undoing Racism

I'm excited to be back for month 3 & for this training. A pillow & blanket are going to be a needed accessory to the weekend in order to settle in to do some work. Learning| Unlearning |Listening | Speaking

The Experience

The Conversations are Deep. The Emotions Raw. Sadness & Fear felt by so many resilient souls. There are no words.   I have been looking at the world through a white lens for 26 years. I have only experienced the world from that view point. In white systems that surround us all.