Day 8.3

We ended this journey much like we started it. We were honest and raw, angry and sad, hopeful and hopeless. The difference today was our breath, our community, and our understanding. This training has been the most important commitment I have ever made to myself. As I reflect on the person I was 8 months…Read more Day 8.3

Day 8.2

Learning about disability justice was such an eye-opening experience. I've been in spaces where ableism was discussed, but I've never had such a thorough introduction to its origins as a tool of white supremacy. Dustin's ability to bring the historical context into the space was as important as his depictions of the current work being…Read more Day 8.2

Day 8.1

Today was such a good day, and then I got such sad news. Lucy, my puppy, is dying. She's 13. She's my best girl. Letting her die with dignity and without suffering is so important to me. It exemplifies what I hope for all of the patients I interact with, and the people I love.…Read more Day 8.1

Day 7.3

The series of short films produced by the California Newsreel - "Race: The Power of an Illusion," were...disturbing. Our society's dependence on the idea of race perpetuates stereotypes that have real life consequences in every community of color. Researching the Food Justice Movement highlighted this fact. When people of color, specifically black folks, have to…Read more Day 7.3

Day 7.2

Oy. The existence of internalized racial inferiority and internalized racial superiority existing in one body is a lived experience for me. Growing up, I was constantly praised and given awards (by both black and white teachers). Though I'm sure they touted my academic ability, I am realizing that my proximity to whiteness being "palatable" had…Read more Day 7.2

Day 7.1

These Friday check-ins are as integral as a check up at my doctor's office. I feel like this is God's way of forcing me to stop, slow down, and take my own pulse. Where am I today? Where am I in this moment? I am sitting on my couch, drinking wine from the bottle and…Read more Day 7.1

Day 6.3

Sitting in a room full of fellow yogis-in-training and swapping style, cue, and lived in experiences from our teaching was so rewarding. As we do the hard work, it is hard to remember the folks you are in it with - until - you are able to saturate yourself with their presence. The moment that…Read more Day 6.3