Valuing the Cube

"If you're scared of going forward, then you're not going anywhere" Attending a full weekend workshop of Undoing Racism has felt similar to me (and as scary) as being asked to jump from an airplane without testing the parachute beforehand but being told that it works and to trust in your ability to pull the…Read more Valuing the Cube

The Stealthy Thief

During this weekend YTT, we talked through an example of "How we would design an asana series with a client based on their current feelings of hopelessness." Students began describing different postures that related to feeling secure, safe, coming inward and protecting oneself. Some postures included child's pose, rabbit (a modified child's pose), crocodile (lying…Read more The Stealthy Thief

Space as Gift

I was again reminded today at just how grateful I am to be a part of this year's yoga teacher training cohort. The space that has been provided to each of us here during our weekend classes has provided space to bring authenticity, vulnerability, and healing. This discomfort, I hope, is a conduit of learning,…Read more Space as Gift

The Fluidity of Self

Tonight in class we read and discussed Howard Gardner's identification of seven distinct intelligences. His idea is that, because each mind is unique, individuals may possess different types of intelligences that guide how they think, act, perform, remember, and learn. The seven themes he's categorized vary from individuals who learn better when rhythm is involved,…Read more The Fluidity of Self