Weekend 9 – Friday

There was joy,laughter,tears,anger,frustration, empathy, fear, courage, silence, confusion.....the range of emotions during our Friday session. It was raw... it was real it was rough yet it was good.  Saturday Kingsley yoga and observation instructed by Carrie, Leah, Tara and Alecia. They brought themselves into the room showing confidence and humor. Demonstrating their knowledge while instructing.…Read more Weekend 9 – Friday

Weekend 7

Several years ago I learned a concept about teams and how they develop. I don't recall the details but essentially the theory is that teams go through a few stages: Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing. It's a progression from being strangers to finally being familiar with each other and completing the task at hand. But…Read more Weekend 7

Weekend 5

Friday : We got reacquainted with each other which is always a pleasure for me. This exercise helps us to connect to each other after a long absence from each other. We speak a lot about relationships over the course of the training and this helps us build those relationships.  We were then asked to…Read more Weekend 5