Final Exam

It was a true pleasure to share conversation, study, ideas, and time with my yoga sister, Veronica.  First, her perspective (as a Black women who has had her freedom and opinions squashed) was super valuable to hear.  I appreciated her openness and honesty.  She had a valuable perspective if what the people on the receiving…Read more Final Exam


As we worked through the ending details of our time together, I was feeling very soft, tender, and had very mixed emotions of happy to complete the training and sad to lose this community.  The group of ladies that have worked on showing up in the YROL teacher training space in a particular way have…Read more Gratitude


I am looking for simplicity.  I often complicate things, overthink, analyze, look for patterns, etc.  Right now I am looking for the simplicity of just being.  Whenever I am in the space of listening to the pain of others, all the complexities of my own mind fade away and I just feel the unity of…Read more Simplicity

Chakra Exploration

I had not had much exploration of chakras prior to Brooke's presentation, so I really appreciated the time and space to talk about them and experience them physically.  I was glad to have this opportunity and feel like it reinforced other energy understandings that I have had.  Thank you!