Who Am I…

Bitter sweet day, November 19, 2018. Was the last day of training. Our final was give a presentation what we are sharing in 5 sentence. Create a class that identify racial inferiority, aspect of the contract. Which pose would I use. What 8 Limb path would I used..... I had a speech prepared already and…Read more Who Am I…

Body Scan

Paying attention to our bodies, the most important thing with life is learning how to breathe. Breathe is life, learning how to move through our breathe. Just looking how we position our body, how we stand noticing how off balance we are. Paying attention to how we stand, where are shoulder are located, how are…Read more Body Scan


October 20,2018  When we look at the Webster definition a line that marks the limits of an area; a dividing line.  What are those dividing lines...for each individual it different.  We as humans we have to paying attention when we cross the lines with fellow human.  Understanding people boundaries, how hard is that.  Boundaries are there…Read more Boundaries

October 19, 2018

Cultural Appropriation....what does it mean to me... History to me.......I always defined it as His-story who ever the his is telling the event. Watching the 1st part of the video...make me realize as a person of color....We are still here standing...through pain and struggles.