I saw an act of hope as we went around the room and said what we are doing to drive against the hopelessness and injustice of the drastic and terrifying ways that our country is treating immigrants. The talk of what everyone is doing in their lives is hope. That's what I hear too as…Read more Loosen

May 2019

May 17 I was able to come in for an hour in between a grant application. I was truly struggling that day and even though it was difficult, I appreciated being in that space around the energy of my small but mighty cohort and Felicia dancing during the namaste circle. May 18 I had PRIDE…Read more May 2019

Month 9 Day 3

This day brought back my struggle with linear thinking and need to know what happens next and use my logical deductive reasoning to make sense of a situation. With the unpredictable nature and structure of this program, sometimes I really and still struggle with this non-linearity and lack of order in the sense of the…Read more Month 9 Day 3

Month 9 Day 1

Friday As we seem to come closer to the finish line...it seems like we have just begun. I feel just about comfortable with all the cohort members and it already breaks my heart to realize that we have a just few more meetings left. The sisterhood, the all aspects of feminine energy represented in the…Read more Month 9 Day 1