Month 1 Day 2

Writing retrospectively has its benefits and flaws...we remember the most important elements but tend to miss the details and nuances. I am trying my best to remember what it felt like then...a light mist of essential oils was in the air reminding us of the blessings we have through our sense of smell...we wanted to…Read more Month 1 Day 2

if racism is a mental illness like Sheba said then you could say i have a comorbidity. do you have people that come here and really you think they're here because of internalized racial inferiority? i asked my therapist during the first training. or superiority? i said real fast. both, she said.

why does it matter what happened? my mom said in the car. everybody's dead. she was upset so i stayed quiet and we sat like that for a minute. family history and geneology stuff is interesting but sometimes i think it's better not to do it because it can bring up secrets that are best…Read more