Anatomy Oh My!

Nov 3 I was not prepared today. I've always dreaded science and have a mental road block on learning anything in science. Then I ask myself "What the hell are you doing learning yoga!" Lol but seriously, Kathryn and Unoma has brought a refreshing overview of the videos in a way I've never engaged with…Read more Anatomy Oh My!

PISAB Reunion

Nov 2 We were visited by our cohort of the UIR training and discussed our gatekeeping actions. Since the UIR training I reflected and focused my gatekeeping role as an educator in higher ed. Once I returned to campus I presented the YUIR conference to our board of student government leaders. They were excited about…Read more PISAB Reunion


Nov 1 What kind of teacher do I want to become? In my current interactions I think I'm a coddled and don't give my students enough hands off to find the path for themselves. It's a delicate balance that I'm seeking. I would like to be a teacher that may provoke learning and knowledge of…Read more Teachings


Sept 7 The first day of the yoga training and we are asked to think about the day after our death. 😳. I wish I could say something like, "I've never thought of life like this." But I have. I think about death more often than I like to admit and more often after the…Read more Empitaph

i can see God in everything but i can't feel It, i told my spiritual director.  i can look at anything and be like that's God, that's God, that's God, but when it comes to my body feelings i'm like i can't deal with this. when i met my yoga teacher i knew i was…Read more