Day 8.1

Today was such a good day, and then I got such sad news. Lucy, my puppy, is dying. She's 13. She's my best girl. Letting her die with dignity and without suffering is so important to me. It exemplifies what I hope for all of the patients I interact with, and the people I love.…Read more Day 8.1

In it…

Sunday In it. The hardest stuff is where the greatest lesson reside. Bring it on. Crack me open. Crack myself open. How: It’s not one right answer, one right way to do it, no box to check and there you are – the devastation you were looking for required to do this work, be this…Read more In it…

Saturday Gifts of Powerful Experiences and New Awarenesses

Saturday video, Part 2 Race The Power of Illusion - White people’s lives were/are literally dedicated to this effort to dehumanize and dominate people throughout time. Astonishing how this effort is so violent that it requires not the division of “people” in their minds but the division of “species”. Seriously. Literally not seeing people as…Read more Saturday Gifts of Powerful Experiences and New Awarenesses

and here i go trying to memorize the 5 activities of the mind and fantasizing about how it will impress you that i know them. (that one is imagination by the way) [this post was made possible through memory]    


I will do my best to write closer to the day next time. This time. What I Remember: Friday: In the Company of Bears. Feeling like a child in a good way. I remember Felicia and how she says she holds both the “benevolent” racism of the book and what it teaches her about life.…Read more October