what i didn't say on saturday: religion is a foot of oppression on poor communities by telling people it's okay if they suffer now because their reward is in heaven by telling people their circumstances are a result of their sins by telling people if they give money now God will heal them by telling…Read more


So much to process in such deep ways with this work. During lunch I wanted to go and play and connect with others but I couldn't. I just couldn't. Sometimes for me that's a way to constructively process and other times that's a way to deflect, to not be present to the pain and the…Read more Processing

Day 3.3

All white people must be racists because of the deeply ingrained racism that exist in all of the systems that we navigate. The structure of these systems was always, and entirely,  created to benefit white people (or Europeans earlier in history, as our wonderful presenters indicated) - at the detriment of people of color. Sitting…Read more Day 3.3

9 dots

Saturday Morning, Draw nine dots on a page three in each column. Directions. Connect all the dots with out lifting your pen. One try it didn't work second try it didn't work . Third try it didn't work.. Questioning my own intelligence but not giving up around the fifth time. Realizing I was confident but…Read more 9 dots